About Me

I do not wish to divulge my identity or too many specific details about myself for this blog since it may sway your thoughts on what I’m writing and the point of view it is coming from. I will give you a very brief and basic background on who I am and from there feel free to creat your own persona of my true identity based on what you read. Here’s a bit about me:

-I am a kid, 17 years old to be exact.
-I am as mid-class as it gets with my parents income ranging between $100k-$200k total.
-I live in a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota.
-My parents have been married for 20+ years.
-I have one older brother(21) and one older sister(24).
-I have lived in the same house for my entire life and plan to stay there until college, and most likely return after until I find my own house.
-I am going ot be a Senior in high school; My school is completely average and has about 2000 students.
-I want to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company one day, Target would be preferred.

As I post more I am sure I will reveal more to you about who I am, so please continue to read and provide me with feedback on your thoughts.

Thanks you for reading,
Average Mid-class Kid.


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