About MarcBuck

As the title of my blog states, I am just an average middle-class teenager. I was born and raised in the suburbs of St. Paul, MN. I just turned 17 and have been on the path to creating my own unique identity for the past couple years. This blog is a step on my journey and will depict the details of what this journey is and the ups and downs of growing up as an average middle-class kid.


“If it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, and acts like a duck… it is most likely a duck”
This is my favorite quote having to do with logic and it makes sense! However, when applied to more complex topics that our thought-twisting society provides it does not always apply neatly. I may be out of place to be speaking about logic as mine is not always sound, but when my mind isn’t bogged down with emotions and stress I am able to clearly itterate logical trains of thought, this should be one of them!

The reason the topic of logic has arisen in my thoughts today has been conjured by what seems to be another crazy day of normality in the world we live in. In our crazy and ever changing world it seems as though there is a complete absence of logic- true, factual, thoughtful- logic! My main source for coming to the conclusion on the absence of logic, at least a frequent absence, comes from perusing through MSN articles and comments, CNN stories, tweets, and other electornic forums. My examples are far too numerous to note individually, but collectively they are essentially the same. They are extremes. They are emotional. They are biased. They are misinterpreted. I believe the reason people come to many of these far-fetched conclusions is becuase of lack of knowledge, a need for attention and a desire to be part of a discussion (or argument).

As I alluded to previously I am not always, and not often, logical. Most humans, though part of intelligent design, are not logical, at least a majority of the time. Which is ok because we are not Vulcans; we have emotion which is 100 percent necessary to live our wonderful lives. We can however learn from the Vulcans on how to make logical decisions. To be logical it is necessary to gain as much knowledge on a topic as possible so that the truly “best” option is selected. I have found that gaining full insight into these complex matters is not always easy, even in this digital age we are part of. That being said, using what you do know you can still be used to make an informed and logical decision and/or statement.

Empathy: feeling others emotions and gaining the perspective that they have on a specific matter. I find this is one of the best ways to aid decision making on a matter using logic because it enables one to understand how both sides of an argument feel. By seeing what each side feels you are able to determine the extremes of both sides which should enable you to come to solution somewhere near the middle depending on the situation. As my grandfather’s wise words go, “There is 3 sides to the truth: your side, their side, and the truth”.

Although I am not always logical I find that all of these strategies have been used when I do think, speak, and act logically. It is not an easy thing to do when as humans we have so many emotions flowing through us and everyone feeling different ways. We must be open to accepting we are wrong as well, since logically that is always possible, as hard as it is for me to admit it, it is the truth.

Please share your comments with me on your view of logic in our society and how to make logical decisions.

If we all think more logically I know the world would be a better place. I will do my best to be as logical as possible, but based on logic, I won’t always do so…After all, I’m just another Average Mid-class Kid.


Oil Change

Thanks to looking through MSNautos I thought my recent learning experience of changing my oil would be good to share. As completely average and normal as I am, it seems at times like the strangest things occur that wouldn’t happen to anyone else, which they probably do, but that is how it feels. I have a friend whose dad does almost everything himself (auto work, repair jobs, etc.). Their family has been one of the many reasons I am trying to learn new things since I am on the receiving end of unrelenting, comical ridicule from my friend and his father which I find entertaining.

A couple weeks ago I finally found time on my day off to change my oil which I figured would be a fairly quick job and a great learning experience. I drove over to my friend’s house, we figured out what type of filter I needed and how much oil; there was a package deal at AutoZone and we went and gathered all of our supplies. My friend’s dad had found an article online on how to change the oil on my type of car, a 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue named Dorthy. The article mentioned a special screwdriver to get the cap of the filter off, we figured we had other tools to do the job and went to work on Dorthy.

With my car half on the driveway and half in the street to get her raised up more I crawled under and started trying to remove the canister that holds the oil filter using a very interesting “wrench” tool that only unscrews things, we added a ratchet for leverage, then a larger ratchet for even more leverage. Pinned under a steaming muffler and unable to use both hands i could not unscrew the canister. After repeated attempts to unscrew it alone, my friend finally assisted me in unscrewing it. I dont think the thing had ever been undone, or so it seemed. It was after loosening the cap that it dawned on my friend’s dad to jack the car up rather than use our makeshift driveway lift since we’re not tiny tikes anymore.

Everything was smoothe sailing from this point on, even though I recieved a healthy application of oil on my hands and arms. It took a few attempts to get the darn canister screwed back in properly, but we got it, and it was much easier than taking it out. When it was all said and done this “quick” project as I thought it was going to be took around 2 hours from research to clean-up.

The lesson I learned though was a valuable one from my friend’s dad: “Take how long you expect a project to take, and double it, if not triple it. Most times something happens that you aren’t expecting and you have to take more time to figure it out.” I’m glad I learned this lesson and I enjoyed getting my hands dirty and completing the task through my own labor. I was a little discouraged when I later found out it is cheaper to bring the car into the shop to get it changed. After all…. I’m just another Average Mid-Class Kid.

It’s a start!

Wow! I find it quite embarrassing that as a teenager in the 21st century I am nearly incompetent when it comes to “tech stuff” from social media to online creativity and management. If you look at my blog you will most likely notice these incompetencies immediately. I’d like to start by saying that it is an unfair overestimation on how good us teens are with technology since I am one of the few who sadly is not. As this blog is seeking to be my journal of learning new and different things in life in order to create an identity for myself that I find to be wholly true, hopefully as it progresses I will learn a few things and be able to create a much more creative and unique blog. Please bear with me until we reach that point… after all I’m just another average middle-class kid.