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There are several reasons for which I created this blog; none of these reasons are all that important.

1.For Fun
About half an hour before creating this blog, my first one, I read an article on about blogging, it had to do with how to be a successful blogger and make money off of it. As much as I love money-which is quite a bit and possibly unhealthy- being a “successful” blogger is not my goal, however, I wouldn’t have a problem being successful and making money off of it. Upon reading the article I thought to myself, “I should write my own blog”. Since work was slow and I function on impulse i did a few google searches and found WordPress and Bing, Bang, Boom here I am writing a blog… Why? Because it sounded fun and I thought I should give it a go!

2.Form of stress-relief
I had thought to myself many times before creating my blog that I should start a journal to write down my thoughts and experiences in order to get them out of my head and off my chest. I’ve read and been told that writing is one form of expression such as painting or exercise that helps relieve stress. Based on the amount of acne I have at times, it could help! Though my life could be a lot worse and much more difficult, as any one else stresses, so do I. The idea behind my journaling as well would be to have a record for those in the future, if this is not deleted, to read and see what life was like currently.

3.Share experiences
This could be the least or most important reason for starting this blog, as of yet I am unsure which it is being as I have experienced all of these things personally and don’t know if anyone will benefit from reading about my experiences and the lessons I learn from them.

My goal while blogging is to remain objective as possible. I want to keep things positive if at all possible at all times; I may bring up negative subjects that I have experienced but intend on providing positive outcomes and lessons that I learn from them as life is not alway hunky dory! I do not wish to divulge my identity or too many specific characteristics about myself that may sway viewpoints of what I post, you are free to infer as many things about me as you wish, which makes things more exciting I think! I hope I do not offend any one with what I have to say, and will do everything in my power to avoid derrogatory comments, use obscence language, etc. Please let me know if you feel I have done any thing of this sort and I will either discuss it with you or fix my mistake.

I highly encourage you to provide me with feedback and would greatly appreciate it! I’m a teenager and as much as I think I know everything, I’m not always right. I enjoy learning new things and gathering different opinions and points of view to round out my view point and further build my knowledge.

Hope you enjoy my blog!
-Average Mid-class Kid


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